About the service

Furniture removals is a considerably heavy work which often requires bigger vehicle and others’ assistance. For example, if you require assistance in transporting your newly bought furniture be it a lovely couch or the big wardrobe of your dreams – let us know! You will not need to rent any extra trailers or vehicles for yourself. We will also help you with loading, unloading, carrying up the stairs and will bring your new furniture directly into your home.

So save yourself from unnecessary backache and risking any injuries, we will do the heavy lifting for you!


How does it work?!

Removal services for a few pieces of furniture could be arranged in a flexible and rapid manner. Most of the time the works will be completed by the end of the next day. Our services are excellent because:

  • We have a lot experience with moving furniture without damaging them.
  • We know how to disassembly furniture and pack it appropriately.
  • We have all the tools needed to provide you these services.
  • It is much easier to let a professional removal company to do it than to do it yourself.

Our clients appreciate our expertise and eagerness to get the job done. Your feedback is very important to us, as it encourages us to improve our quality of service even more.

Innovative solutions

Facing challenging situations taught us how to look at it from a different point of view. This made us more creative and able to complete jobs which at first would be looked as impossible.


Our extensive experience as a removal company allows us to help you in a fluid and easy manner.


One of our objectives is quality. We heavily focus on this by creating a work culture which values and recognises its importance.

Perks of the services provided

Due to our expertise and vast experience we can do better than expected- we make a difficult job look easy and complete it quickly.

We are often able to provide you with this service on the same or following day. We ask for both parties to be flexible. Our goal is to help you and receive good feedback from you in return 🙂

Yes, we are able to transport these pieces of furniture without any problems. Also, if there is a need, we can disassembly and assembly wardrobes, cabinets, cupboard or dressers.

Yes, we are insured, as well as your items when using our services. You can ask for further details about the terms and conditions when making a booking. We can amend conditions based on your needs and requests.