About the service

Destruction of the documents is a very important process since it needs to be done in confidential, secure manner and it requires an issue of the certificate confirming documents destruction. During the assortment of the documents when moving from one office to another, one often notices that some of them are no longer needed but they still have to be disposed of in an appropriate way so that no one could use its information. This is where we come in to help– we collect it from the location, dispose of it and then provide you with a certificate confirming documents destruction. All this is done in a secure and transparent way. We ensure that this demanding process for you will be quick, trouble free and effortless.


How does it work?!

It is a very important to choose a competent company to help you with destruction of the confidential documents and files. Here are some of steps you can take in order to prepare for it with our company:

  • Sort through all your documents and separate the ones you want to dispose.
  • Put them in boxes or tied bags.
  • Call the document destruction company and make sure that the level of security is suitable for you. If yes – order the services.
  • Enjoy the professional services provided in timely manner and say goodbye to you old and unneeded documents and files.
  • Request for a certificate of documents destruction and pass it over to bookkeeping department.

Our clients appreciate our expertise and eagerness to get the job done. Your feedback is very important to us, as it encourages us to improve our quality of service even more.

Innovative solutions

Facing challenging situations taught us how to look at it from a different point of view. This made us more creative and able to complete jobs which at first would be looked as impossible.


Our extensive experience as a removal company allows us to help you in a fluid and easy manner.


One of our objectives is quality. We heavily focus on this by creating a work culture which values and recognises its importance.

Perks of the services provided

Due to our expertise and vast experience we can do better than expected- we make a difficult job look easy and complete it quickly.

We pay very close attention to the security of the documents’ destruction/shredding service; therefore, we advice you to use the guidance and recommendations provided above when planning for it, this will prevent you from having to make any last minute calls.

However, we are flexible with the smaller scale amounts of documents needed to dispose and are able to complete the job on the same day.

We understand that your time is expensive and valuable. That is why we collect your documents in a quickest way and take it to the designated location. After that we come back to you to provide you with a certificate confirming its destruction.

Yes, we are insured, as well as your items when using our services. You can ask for further details about the terms and conditions when making a booking. We can amend conditions based on your needs and requests.