Perkraustymo paslaugos verslui - BOBINO išmintingas pasirinkimas


Non-standard removals

Specialisation in unconventional removals is one of our strengths. We gladly accept the challenging requests because this motivates us to provide better services for our clients.

Relocation of embassies

Embassy removals is a very demanding job and requires a lot of attention to detail and care, due to the nature of the job. The job also usually requires transportation over long distances whilst carefully handling sensitive items.

Cargo Transportation

Cargo transportation is an important service required when you need to transport heavy, bulky items or goods, which usually cannot fit in the in the average car.

Furniture removals

Are you getting new furniture? We could easily help you transport new furniture as well as disposing of the old furniture.


We provide storage services, which allows you to store your items in an easy convenient way to prevent cluttering your home.

Whole house removals

House removal is a demanding service since it often involves a strict process of carrying out the furniture, including disassembling and assembling it too.