Business relocation

Keičiate ofisą? Reikia perkelti visus jame esančius baldus, įrangą ir archyvą? Mes Jums norime padėti!

Non-standard removals

Specialisation in unconventional removals is one of our strengths. We gladly accept the challenging requests because this motivates us to provide better services for our clients.

Disposal services

Persikrausčius arba tiesiog pristigus vietos, pastėsite, kad liko nereikalingų daiktų su kuriais norėtumėte atsisveikinti. Mes padedame tai įgyvendinti!

Relocation of embassies

Embassy removals is a very demanding job and requires a lot of attention to detail and care, due to the nature of the job. The job also usually requires transportation over long distances whilst carefully handling sensitive items.